Unveiling the Capstones

We're unveiling our newest curricular model, the Capstone Program, in response to the provocative question, "What distinguishes the Green Fields student?" The Capstone Program unifies the K-12 experience with a common set of values, experiences and objectives, allowing us to access each child's progress across the journey of their childhood. Progressive teaching models combined with practical assessments and real-world applications are exactly the descriptors of an independent school education. Ours is an 80-year tradition that is organically adapting to the world around us. 

Through the Capstone Program 
we seek to inspire these values:

  • lifelong love of learning

  • pursuit of happiness and joy

  • confidence and poise

  • character and integrity

  • work ethic and passion


As a way to assess these objectives:

  • problem solving

  • making connections

  • synthesizing materials

  • drawing conclusions

  • presentation skills

  • community building

  • self-awareness

  • self-regulation

  • honoring commitments and goals

  • civic responsibility

  • greater good

  • multi-age relationships

  • expanding awareness of world

  • entrepreneurial skils

  • self management

  • understanding personal academic needs

  • goal setting

  • academic independence

  • social emotional intelligence

  • service leraning

Using these projects:

  • Kindergarten: Kindy Ambassadors

  • 1st: Life Cycles

  • 2nd: Mini-Society

  • 3rd: Farmer's Market

  • 4th: EarthKeepers

  • 5th: Project ASTRO

  • 6th: TOTB and Sunship

  • 7th: Art & Architecture

  • 8th: Beyond Boundaries

  • 9th: Biology / Genetics

  • 10th: College Awareness Day

  • 11th: Issue Day

  • 12th: Senior Masterworks

  • K-12: Interim

Which are necessary for these outcomes:

  • leadership

  • collaboration

  • innovation

  • global citizenship

  • rising to adversity

  • balance