Small classes are grouped by age in engaging, individualized environments. Reading, writing, math & science learning based on the week's theme. More than just a classroom with worksheets this is an opportunity to keep your academic skill sharp while exploring a different topic and how it relates to the world and YOU! 


Take some time after lunch to delve into the weekly topic through hands on group work. Spend time reflecting on your own skills and exploring your potential. Work in a group to solve problems, explore your skills, and show your creativity.


Leadership curriculum throughout

Each week will also include a leadership skill, taken from the book Student Leadership Competencies Handbook. When camp staff see campers internalizing and expressing the leadership skills each week the campers will be recognized.

June 12-16 Art (Leadership Skill: Confidence)

You will learn about how art is all around us; see art as math, learn about famous artists, take time to unleash your own artistic side! You don't have to be a great artists, this week we will focus on building and understanding the many ways we express Creativity. Being creative means taking risks; campers will have the opportunity this week to develop, understand, and demonstrate the leadership skill of Confidence this week. All campers who step outside of their box and take the initiative to show Confidence this week will be recognized.

June 19-23 Nature (Leadership Skill: Research)

The world is a beautiful place. We will use the incredible Green Fields campus this week to dive into nature. From trees to insects to the sky. Find out what inspires you and write about, draw about, investigate more about it. Campers will learn ways to use tools and technology to explore the world around using all 5 senses. Research is more than just looking up books; critiquing sources, knowing what constitutes validity and credibility are critical skills. Develop these skills and more this week by using nature as our inspiration.

June 26- June 30 Kindness (Leadership Skill: Problem Solving)

What do you have that others need? What do those around you need? How can we each make a difference? These are big questions- and though we don't promise to answer them all in one week of camp we do want to bring your attention to them. By coming to camp this week you will have time to create an awareness of yourself and others. Read scientific research about the benefits of kindness, do some math to see how far kindness can reach, reflect on how kindness makes you feel and take action to give back this week. As we see problems in the world we can also see solutions- come to camp and work with your fellow campers to be a solution finder this week!