Small classes are grouped by age in engaging, individualized environments. Reading, writing, math & science learning based on the week's theme. More than just a classroom with worksheets this is an opportunity to keep your academic skill sharp while exploring a different topic and how it relates to the world and YOU!


Take some time after lunch to delve into the weekly topic through hands on group work. Spend time reflecting on your own skills and exploring your potential. Work in a group to solve problems, explore your skills, and show your creativity.

Leadership curriculum throughout

Each week will also include a leadership skill, taken from the book Student Leadership Competencies Handbook. When camp staff see campers internalizing and expressing the leadership skills each week the campers will be recognized.

July 10-14 Superheroes (Leadership Skill: Mentoring)

Campers Unite! Team up this week to design your own superhero, do superhero math, tell super stories and think about how, even without super powers, campers can each be superheros! Learning to recognize skills in yourself and help those around you is a skill that takes observation, communication, and awareness. Team up with campers and teachers this week to be the most super you there is!

July 17-21 Sports (Leadership Skill: Collaboration)

Keep your body strong, keep your team work strong. This week camp is all about sports, sports heroes, new sports, familiar sports, inventing your own sports and what it takes to be a good sport. Playing games is about building your skills and building your teamwork. This week at camp each camper will work to improve their own abilities as well as challenge themselves and each other to work together.

July 24-28 Universe (Leadership Skill: Goal Setting)

Think about where you are then think about where you can go. Math is a universal language and all campers will be speaking it this week! Work on challenging your mind and creative exploration as you look of Tucson and throughout the universe this week. In order to reach new heights you have to know where you are and how to make a plan for the next step- what do you need, who can help, how can you reach your aim. Goal Setting and exploration abound during the week of Universe Camp!

July 31- August 4 (Leadership Skill: Other Perspectives)

Finish up summer at Camp Griffin. Go back in time and learn about what math, science, communication, art, and life was like long ago. Take some time to think outside the box and see the world from someone else's point of view. Campers will spend time reflecting as well as discussing what they think, what they wonder, and what they are curious about.