Beyond the classroom

Once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunities

Interim has been an integral part of the Green Fields curriculum since 1972. This outstanding, week long academic program allows students to focus on an area of interest outside the classroom. It also provides an opportunity for groups of students and the faculty to work and grow together through common interests.

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Interim takes place each spring during the week preceding spring break. Students must document their experiences on Interim, which then constitutes a large part of the teacher’s evaluation of the students’ learning during this week.

All teachers propose weeklong learning adventures and experiences, ranging in scope from studies of Mexican or Hopi culture to international travel, marine biology, desert ecology, computers, veterinary medicine, archaeology, cycling, metal arts, dance, and more.  

Children in grades K-3 enjoy a week of alternative, hands-on, active and experiential learning with their class and teacher(s).  
Beginning in 4th grade, Green Fields students may select an age-appropriate Interim from a list of choices provided by faculty members.

Past Interim experiences have included a week behind the scenes at the Reid Park Zoo, Art and Poetry, World of Wheels, and On Stage with Zuzi. Interim groups have also toured Spain, France and England, lived on the Hopi reservation, cycled in Arizona, Utah and California, and investigated the fine arts in Tucson.

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Middle School


“Beyond Boundaries” is a yearlong multimedia research project that seeks to move Middle School students beyond what is typically an insular global perspective and deepen their sense of the world’s texture.

Each student adopts a very small piece of the planet and strategizes a path into learning everything there is to know about life there from the perspective of a 14-year-old. Piece by piece, each student assembles a worldview seen through a prism other than his or her own. Not only do they reflect more profoundly on their own lives once they’ve gained a deeper understanding of the lives of others, but they enter high school with a clearer sense that global citizenship is based on reciprocal understanding and cannot evolve in a vacuum.

upper school

Issue Day 2012

Issue Day 2012

Issue Day

Throughout the year, Upper School students organize several traditional events and activities on campus. Issue Day is devoted to the school-wide consideration of a single important contemporary issue. Films, guest speakers, exhibits, workshops and panel discussions are among the types of events designed to heighten school awareness of the issue under discussion. In the spring, Upper School students organize Career Day.

Senior Masterwork

The “Senior Masterwork” is a project conceived, proposed, organized and executed solely by each individual student for the equivalent of a full course credit during the student’s senior year at Green Fields.

Each Masterwork must satisfy three criteria — focus on a particular passion the student wishes to explore, challenge the student beyond what he or she has previously experienced, and put into practice various skills learned throughout the school.