Danell Lynn

Dean of Students

BS Psycology
AA Fashion Design
M.Ed Cross Category Education

Structured English Immersion Endorsement
Cross Categorical Special Education Teacher-AZ
TESOL-120+ Advanced Certification

Danell Lynn is an educator, avid world traveler, motorcyclist, humanitarian, author and fashion designer. She has held many roles including Director of Special Education and Programs Specialist ADE and has taught K-12 Special Education, World History and Art. She hold several degrees and certifications and has been recognized by many groups for her humanitarian work, teaching, policy work and fashion design.

Apart from her time here at Green Fields, Danell Lynn is an adventurer and Guinness World Record globe trotter. She spends her time managing her various non-profits, writing, knitting, quilting and traveling the world on her motorcycle. Danell grew up around the world with her military family and they moved every 2 ½ years. One of her favorite places to visit in a little town is Austria called Hallstatt. It is a small village that hugs the edge of a volcanic lake and in the winter they serve the best hot cocoa! Danell is most proud of her ability to live authentically and in line with her goals and dreams. She’s grateful to have the ability to experience and explore cultures both at home and abroad.