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Welcome to the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) Program

Qualifying Students & Families 

  •  Preschool Student with a Disability 

  •  K-12 Student with a Disability 

  •  Student with a Military Parent (Active Duty) 

  •  Student with a Military Parent (Killed in the Line of Duty) 

  •  Student with a Parent who is Legally Blind, Deaf, or Hard of Hearing 

  •  The Student Attends a D or F Rated School 

  •  The Student Resides within a Native American Reservation 

  •  The Student is a Sibling of a Current or Previous Recipient 

  •  The Student was a Ward of the Court 

  •  The Student was a Previous ESA Recipient 

2021-2022 ESA Program Handbook.pdf

New ESA Parent Information_0.pdf

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