giving to green fields

Green Fields takes great pride in being Arizona’s oldest independent school. Because we’re independent, we set our own mission, goals and curriculum. We believe that’s what makes Green Fields great.

Green Fields relies on tuition to be able to offer many of our programs. However, tuition alone doesn’t cover the costs of running our school, which means we must find other ways to bridge the gap between revenue and expenses.

We would very much appreciate your help. Your generous gift can help Green Fields continue its tradition of educational excellence for many years to come.

How you can help.

Green Fields
Annual Fund

Donate to our Annual Fund.

Tuition Tax Credit

Support Arizona's Tuition Tax Credit Program.

Pave the Path - Brick Program

Commemorate a person or memory.

Lucas Irons Memorial Scholarship

Help fuel a child's dream Interim.


Fundraising Events

100% of proceeds benefit Green Fields.


Volunteer your time and expertise.

We appreciate your support.

Our faculty, students and campus will benefit from your generosity — and you will gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing you helped our students achieve their goals.

For more information about the school’s needs and how you can help, please contact our
Annual Fund Coordinator or the Head of School.