International Students

Green Fields is pleased to welcome international students to our campus. International students bring valuable perspectives and cultural richness to Green Fields. Cultural exchanges within a diverse community benefit both international and domestic students. When increasing awareness of cultural differences, we find we all share many common experiences and attributes.

Green Fields admits international students at the start of semesters only. Students should begin the application process six months preceding the semester in which they wish to enroll.

Mail or email your application to Rebecca Cordier, Head of School at:
Green Fields School
6000 N. Camino de la Tierra
Tucson, AZ 85741


Tuition and fees for 2018-2019: Grades 7-12 $17,000
Grades K-6 $13,650

Full payment of all tuition and fees is required after you receive your F-1 student visa and before one month prior to the start of your first semester. Application fee: $150, payable with completed application.
Additional costs include books and supplies and the one-week Interim program.

International students must submit the following:
1. The Green Fields School International Student Application and International Student Information.
2. A $150 non-refundable application fee (made payable to Green Fields School).
3. Academic records (transcript) original and translated into English for all years starting with grade 6.
4. Two teacher recommendations (English teacher and one teacher of your choice) covered by and referred to in a letter from a school administrator on school stationery.
5. Official iTEP Slate test results.
6. Financial documentation certifying that your family is able to pay all yearly tuition and fees (bank statement).
7. A scanned photocopy of your passport (for citizenship verification).

After your application is reviewed, Green Fields will schedule a Skype interview with selected students. After a student is admitted, Green Fields issues an I-20 along with an official letter from the Head of School.

We are proud to be an International School!

We are proud to be an International School!

Green Fields School shows excellence as
AFS "Top Global" School for 2016

謝謝!  Tak!  ขอขอบคุณ!  感謝! Thank you!!

Chinese Students

Green Fields School partners with Three W International® to provide comprehensive international student enrollment management to students from China. Together, we are able to provide unparalleled support and service to our international students, from general admissions to post-arrival and beyond. If you are an international student interested in applying to Green Fields School, please use the following contact information below: