You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
— Mahatma Ghandi

Dr. Lesa Randall

Foreign Language Head, French and Spanish; K-12

Ph.D. French Literature, University of Arizona

M.A. French Literature, University of Arizona

B.A. French and Education, Concordia College

I believe in teaching young children foreign languages the same way they learned their first language – by letting them experience words and phrases and make connections as they play games, sing songs and do other activities that keep them physically active and completely engaged. This is known as “whole language” teaching. The process is so fluid and fun that the students fall in love with foreign language. I earned my master’s and doctorate degrees in French literature from the University of Arizona. Here at Green Fields I have worn a variety of instructional and administrative hats. I currently teach Spanish and French to grades K-5, as well as high school French IV, AP and an independent study on French cinema.  I'm a Montana native and have studied and taught numerous times in France. I enjoy cooking, reading, traveling and hiking with family. I have two daughters, Jasmine and Rose, who currently attend Green Fields.