Beyond the Classroom

Students engage in a variety of elective extra-curricular after school programs, including athletics, musical theater and after-school clubs.

Close relationships are formed among classmates and teachers during academic Advisee/Advisor and Homeroom meetings, dances and other social activities.

All 8th graders participate in “BEYOND BOUNDARIES,” a yearlong multimedia research project that moves students beyond what is typically an insular global perspective to deepen their sense of the world’s texture.

Students in grades 6-8 are active, enthusiastic participants in their education. Their academic journey includes a focus on expanding worldviews and understanding many types of diversity.

Experienced, dedicated faculty members work closely with Middle School students to enhance their intellectual development, critical thinking and commitment to excellence. Much of this enhancement is accomplished with active learning activities through which students become planners, initiators and facilitators.

All students enroll in Fine Arts, (Drama, Visual Art), Foreign Language (Spanish or French) and Physical Education. Cooperation is valued and fostered in classrooms, athletic programs, and on the Student Council, as well as in team building and community service activities.

Students also develop effective study skills to meet the high academic expectations of a high school college preparatory curriculum within an atmosphere of respect and consideration for diverse talents and ways of learning.