MUSICal arts

The voice, the cello, the flute, the drums — whatever the instrument, Green Fields helps students stretch their creative muscle. As students progress through each grade level, they gain a greater musical understanding and skill.


Lower school

Foundations of Music

In the Lower School, students discover the basics, including steady beat versus patterns of rhythm, vocal expression, and sound “opposites” such as high and low pitch, soft and loud dynamics, fast and slow tempo. They sample beginning instruments and explore motion of music through expressive movement.


Middle school

Music through Creative Composition

Students delve into the “logics” of sound, melody, rhythm, harmony, form and function. They also develop critical thinking and inquiry of processes, and discuss musical influences throughout the ages.



upper school

Music through Performance and Artistic Collaboration

Upper Level students take an advanced approach to the musical arts. They explore the “rhetoric” of expressive music through the vocal arts, and develop individual musicianship and collaborative skills.