Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will take you everywhere.
 Albert Einstein

Nancy Bonsall

4th Grade

University of Arizona: Bachelor of Arts in Education

Arizona State University: Masters of Arts in Education

I  am a native Tucsonan; I taught elementary school in Phoenix for 15 years before moving to Metepec, Mexico ( 45 minutes outside of Mexico City) where I lived with my family for 22 years. I was afforded a great opportunity to travel all over Mexico, be immersed in the Mexican culture and at times continue teaching.

I love my job at Green Fields! In the classroom I personalize my approach to every child to ensure their success and I encourage continual growth from all students to achieve their personal best. I realize all students are individuals and I make sure their individuality is championed in the classroom. Green Fields is a wonderful community and when looking out at the quad it is great to see students of all ages interacting together.

Besides traveling, reading, and knitting for my grandchildren I love being with my husband and our children and their families!