Our Philosophy


He who learns but does not think, is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.”  - Confucius

Green Fields takes education to an exciting new level — where students are encouraged to think differently, critically and responsibly, where they have the opportunity to participate in experiential and project-based learning beyond the classroom.

Our progressive, intellectually challenging program utilizes research-based methods to stimulate and promote higher-level thinking and creativity in each student. Our small class size allows for individual attention from teachers who engage students in a collaborative approach to learning and problem solving — while fostering an environment filled with respect, understanding and consideration for all members of our school community and the world.

Green Fields School shows excellence as
AFS "Top Global" School

Green Fields School shows excellence as
AFS "Top Global" School

At Green Fields, you’ll find engaged learners — in the classroom, studio, theater or laboratory — working closely with inspiring teachers. We’re a community that embraces a diversity of people, cultures and ideas. It is this diversity that enriches a Green Fields education.

Learning Method

We employ experiential, project-based learning beyond the classroom, beyond the campus — to nurture individual academic growth and well-being.

Whole Child Enrichment

We strive to enhance each students’ mind, body and spirit through academic, artistic, athletic and altruistic adventures. Out of this model, leaders grow and thrive at Green Fields.