Small classes are grouped by age. Reading, writing, math & science learning based on the week's theme. More than just a classroom with worksheets this is an opportunity to explore a different topic and make real world connections.


Take some time after lunch to delve into the weekly topic through hands on and group work. Reflect on your own skills and exploring your potential. Work in a group to solve problems, explore your skills, and show your creativity.

Leadership curriculum 

Included in each week is a leadership skill, from the book Student Leadership Competencies Handbook. When camp staff see campers internalizing and expressing the leadership skills they will be recognized.

June 11-15  Healthy You (Leadership Skill: Self-Understanding)

Start summer off right with some fun and some self-care. Healthy people take care of their bodies and minds. Being healthy also means caring for and being aware of your environment. We will work on transitioning from fun to calm; reflect on the science of relaxation- then learn how you like to find quiet time in your day. We will journal, exercise, play, learn about the earth and the environment, and set goals for ourselves. Start the summer right with this week of camp!

June 18-22 Flight & Space (Leadership Skill: Problem Solving)

Take off with us on a week of camp that will be out off this world! Read about the history and future of flight, research various models of flight, check out a new planet each day and get your wings ready to take off with your own designs. Cover the topics of bouyancy, lift, and other physics topics. Come fly with us!

June 25- June 29 Kindness (Leadership Skill: Creating Change)

What do you have that others need? What do those around you need? How can we each make a difference? These are big questions- and though we don't promise to answer them all in one week of camp we do want to bring your attention to them. By coming to camp this week you will have time to create an awareness of yourself and others. As we see problems in the world we can also see solutions- come to camp and work with your fellow campers to be a solution finder this week!