Small classes are grouped by age. Reading, writing, math & science learning based on the week's theme. More than just a classroom with worksheets this is an opportunity to explore a different topic and make real world connections.


Take some time after lunch to delve into the weekly topic through hands on and group work. Reflect on your own skills and exploring your potential. Work in a group to solve problems, explore your skills, and show your creativity.

Leadership curriculum

Included in each week is a leadership skill, from the book Student Leadership Competencies Handbook. When camp staff see campers internalizing and expressing the leadership skills they will be recognized.

July 9-13 Math & Art (Leadership Skill: Initiative)

Patterns, machines, and the 3-D world we live in! Find beauty and math all around us. This week we will construct and deconstruct, search and find math all around us, and create our own art through tessellations, color, lines, shapes, and perspective. Write descriptive stories, use language to describe our visual world- stretch your mind to find connections all around yourself. Come blend two subjects into one with us this week in camp!

July 16-20 Architecture & Design (Leadership Skill: Problem Solving)

From cloth to cardboard, from toothpicks to hot glue- put your engineering mind to work this week at camp and come create with us. No hard hats required this week, just a willingness to try your hand at turning ideas into real life creations. This week we will develop planning, organization, and follow through skills as we go through the steps of a project from idea inception to the final product.