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Our curriculum is mastery based including the higher level research classes. 

Students are placed by their individual content knowledge and pace not by grade.  

Students receive instant feedback in every subject throughout every day. 

Parents have real time access to their students attendance and grades.  

Students are taught metacognition which promotes life long learners and  resilience.


Dear Donor,

Regarding: Raising Funds for Student Tuition



Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my letter in its entirety.  I’d like to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about who we are and what we do. My name is Abbie Wallen and I work for Accelerated Elementary and Secondary Schools (AESS).  AESS is a district with two schools, Accelerated Learning Laboratory (ALL) and Green Fields School (GFS).  GFS is a new addition to the district, acquired in late 2019 when the previous management team filed bankruptcy after 86 years as the first independent private school in Arizona.  It would have been a travesty that after almost a century of educating Tucson’s youths, the school’s and ultimately part of Tucson’s rich history would have ended so abruptly; the possibility of an educational institution that churned out many high-profile individuals would become nothing but a faded memory, if that.  AESS purchased the entity and property to preserve and continue the history for past, present and future generations to enjoy.  AESS is bringing to GFS’s historic campus the legacy of ALL’s rigorous but low stress curriculum which will help Green Fields’ students fulfill the founder’s original intent in 1933, and that was to prepare their students to attend top-tiered and Ivy League universities.  We need Arizona’s young men and women to be competitive with their national and global peers.  

I am the Executive Assistant to the Director of Special Projects, Serei Kay, and as such one of my roles is managing Marketing and Fundraising.  Due to the great resignation, we find ourselves needing to fulfill many roles and working on many projects, however those projects are not limited to only serving our school community, but also the greater Tucson community, such as the Community Farm Projects we want to launch. That said, our first priority, of course, is to educating our students, meeting their needs, helping them become successful but also to teach them that success comes with responsibilities to others. That is how society improves as a whole.  

Accelerated Learning Laboratory (ALL) and Green Fields School (GFS) are private, non-profit schools, serving kids in grades K-12, utilizing the Accelerated Learning Laboratory’s advanced teaching methodology, challenging curricula, and above grade level instruction. ALL and GFS also offer an on-campus preschool.  

ALL is the only “known” school in the United States to have developed a multi-push, cognitive science based, accelerated, educational system that has demonstrated high levels of effectiveness across broad socio-economic and cultural diversity. ALL’s innovative educational practices and strategies have demonstrated high effectiveness with academically advanced students, academically at-risk students, and high needs students, thereby meeting the educational needs of every child at Green Fields School. Students are taught by highly qualified and passionate instructors who hold advanced degrees, most with multiple PhD’s, and are experts in their fields/content area. We believe the best education this nation has to offer should be equally accessible to all children, regardless of ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic background, gender, or family dynamics. We’ve been successful in demonstrating that all students can exceed learning expectations when their innate skills are nurtured through pedagogy grounded by “Cognitive Science Research” and Best Instructional Practices.” Students’ metacognitive and soft skills are nurtured in a challenging, supportive, and civil environment. ALL believes knowledge should be free and ALL freely shares its insights, innovative practices, and outcome data with interested parties such as educational and research institutions. 

As much as it pains us to ask for help in such a challenging time, we need your help.  One of our goals is to expose students to more career fields that are available.  We’re seeking companies who will allow students to shadow, intern or anything else that will give them the exposure to different career fields.  We’re also looking for outreach programs or guest speakers who will come to the campus to give a talk about the job or work they do.  Our objective is to expand their knowledge of all the possibilities that can be available to them.  Knowledge is power.  

And then there’s the money and who doesn’t need money.  Kids are expensive.  We need your help with getting these kiddos educated.  You can even do this from the comfort of your chair.  Instead of giving your tax money to the government, give it to the kids.  Kids are much cuter.  Direct your owed Arizona taxes to Accelerated Learning Laboratory-Green Fields School through an STO (School Tuition Organization).  We are partnered with IBE (Institute for Better Education) and APESF (Arizona Private Education Scholarship Fund).  If you are a corporation filing as an S-Corp or a C-Corp, you can make a Charitable Donation to a nonprofit entity, which is what we are. If you have any questions about any part of how STO’s work or how to donate, we are available and more than happy to help.  Please contact us at 520-297-2288; Abbie at 520-977-7293; Serei at 520-850-2955 or via email at or Kim Kirchner is the Director at IBE and she is happy to answer any questions as well.  She can be reached at  

Currently we have 280 students enrolled with 61% falling well below the poverty line. Although the other 39% are above the poverty line, according to Arizona, they also need assistance with school tuition. Less than 1% of parents were able to raise their own funds. A great education should be equally accessible to all children regardless of their background or socio-economic standing.  

We understand how limited your time is, but should you be interested in dropping by for a visit, we welcome you anytime.  Hearing about what we do is one thing, but seeing the site, classroom and curriculum is another matter entirely. I am happy to put together an evening for you and other interested parties to see how we’re innovating education.  

If you are interested in helping with other things, I can provide a Fix It List that we are working on for campus and a fundraiser that we are putting together for student tuition on August 19th at the Saguaro Buttes on Old Spanish Trail.  

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.  I truly appreciate your kind consideration for our requests. Have a beautiful day. 


Abbie Wallen  

Executive Assistant & 

Marketing & Fundraising Manager

Office (520) 297-2288

Cell (520) 977-7293


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Abbie Wallen

Serei Kay



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"The BEST SCHOOL!!! My grandson attends and I am so amazed with his education I only wish my son had attended. I LOVE this school."

July 25, 2017


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Sandy Williams

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ALL’s instructional model will confirm that schools and instructional practices are the predominant factors influencing student performance, not ethnicity, social status, economic privilege, gender, or a child’s neighborhood.