THeatrical arts

Our Theater Arts program sets the stage for a complete theatrical experience. The program fosters creativity and imagination, and develops communication skills that can be applied on stage and in life. With an emphasis on process versus product, it relays the value of learning the craft before applying skills to the product. Each student works as a performer, director or improvisational artist on any given day, in a classroom setting.

Lower school

Creative Drama

Our younger students focus on process only, including pantomime, scene work, improvisation, focus games and listening techniques. This knowledge is then applied to the last six weeks through production of a short play or performance piece created and performed by the students themselves.

In addition, students participate in showcases that give parents an opportunity to observe what is done in class. The audience focuses on what the performers do with their “tools” (body, voice and mind) in telling the stories.

Middle school

Advanced Creative Drama

Showcases give students the opportunity to share their talent with staff, students and family. 6th graders perform scenes they developed using masks created in class; 7th graders become performance artists and share their creative work; 8th graders perform monologues, scenes and creative writings they worked on in workshops, and work on published scripted material, preparing them for the transition to upper/high school drama.


upper school

Advanced Drama

Advanced Drama is offered an as elective to Upper School students. Here’s where they learn the craft of acting with vocal development and stage movement exercises. They move on to more challenging materials such as monologues and scene work, and have an opportunity to be part of a range of dramatic productions throughout the year.

What’s more, they engage in technique exploration, practical performances and character research, and participate in yearly regional Shakespeare competitions with consistent high placement from its advanced actors.

Junior Musical

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Green Fields offers a Junior Musical for students in grades 3-8.