Visual arts

Lower School

Green Fields invites students to spread their creative “wings” at a young age. Lower School students learn through observation and discovery while working out one’s own innovative solutions to visual problems presented during the art process. They experience a variety of media, and view art from artists and people of various cultures both past and present.


Middle School

Creativity and awareness are nurtured throughout the Middle School years. Students experience processes that require intellectual, emotional and physical practice. Students build skills and deepen their understanding of the connection that art has to our world, past and present, and those required to recognize the visual influences they face every day.


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Upper school

Upper School students get a complete “picture” in diverse fields of art practice, and find innovative solutions to visual problems. Art studio courses offer an array of media and processes, including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics and photography. Students also make field trips to museums, galleries and art studios, and a number of guest artists share their knowledge and demonstrate technique on campus.