Preparing students for the global stage

Green Fields gives students the opportunity to participate in individual, community and global initiatives. Our World Languages Department prepares students to function effectively in their future endeavors with instruction in Spanish or French.

Communicative and cultural competencies are developed starting in Kindergarten and culminating in Advanced Placement Spanish or French Language and Culture courses during the junior or senior year. Modern language courses are taught entirely in Spanish or French using a multi-sensory, whole language approach to language acquisition. Employing the most current and effective instructional tools, we foster mastery of four language skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading.

Lower School

Instruction in Spanish and French exposes students to culturally relevant sources of music and literature, and provides countless opportunities to hear, speak and sing in the target language. Joyful engagement in learning activities as well as frequent repetition of new words and phrases in the context of games and songs provides for long-lasting language acquisition.

Middle School

Foreign language instructors combine formal and active learning as reading and writing skills in the target language begin to take shape. Students are exposed to a variety of authentic linguistic and cultural settings through audio and video sources that promote the ability to function in real-life situations in the target language.

Upper/High School

Students build fluency and structural mastery in each course. Two years study of the same World Language beyond Middle School is required for high school graduation. A fourth or fifth year of study is strongly recommended. Students enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) French or Spanish Language and Culture courses reach exceptionally high levels of fluency. Graduates who enroll in AP courses routinely test out of one to three years of college World Language. Language immersion through study and travel abroad is encouraged through Interim program offerings in the high school years.