Application Process and Materials

Green Fields seeks a diverse student body of academically able, motivated students who possess and demonstrate potential for developing a variety of talents and interests — and whose goals include attending a college or university.

In selecting students and determining their placement within the school, Green Fields is guided by: 

  • Records of grades and standardized test scores from the student’s previous school.

  • Written recommendations from the student’s previous teachers.

  • A sample of the student’s writing.


Admissions Office:
(520) 297-2288

tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition and financial aid 

Green Fields makes every effort to meet the financial need of families wishing to enroll. Revenue sources for assistance come from several different types of Arizona tax credit scholarships that are awarded annually.

Tuition assistance is offered without regard to race, color, religion, sexual orientation or ethnic origin. Applying for tuition assistance does not influence the decision to admit a child to the school, as admission is based solely on academic merit and each child’s unique qualities.


Tuition-assistance procedure

We use NAIS' School and Student Services (SSS) to process financial aid applications. SSS is an independent evaluator that assists schools in making financial aid decisions by providing a common base by which each family’s need can be measured fairly and equitably. Forms are submitted directly to SSS.

Requests for tuition assistance are held in strict confidence and are acted upon by a special Tuition Assistance Committee after the student has been admitted to the school.

Tuition 2019-2020

Kindergarten: $9,900
Grades 1-6: $10,900
Grades 7-9: $15,500
Grades 10-12: $16,000


We'd love to go over our tuition assistance with you and show you how to make Green Fields possible for you and your child.