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We are here to help. If you need additional assistance please contact the front office.


Go to and select the blue "Apply Now" button. 

It will ask you:

Do you have an active ADEConnect account to access the ESA Portal?

Yes, if you already have an account. No to create an account. 

**For new applicants to ESA select the red button that says "No, Create My Account". Otherwise, please login accordingly. 

Fill out parent / guardian's name, number, and email. Click on the blue Register button on the bottom left side of the screen. 

***Next you check which email that you registered ESA account to. In your email you follow the prompts to accept registration. 


Go back to the ESA registration page and select the "Create New Application" button. In this step you will need a pdf or image of your students birth certificate and proof of residency. 

**** Please select the Universal Scholarship for K-12

**** You will need to "Create New Application" for each student, each year. 

Class Wallet

To access ClassWallet go to

Sign in with the email and password that you used when applying to the ESA  Scholarship. 

Click on the blue ClassWallet button and follow the prompts. 

Accessing ClassWallet ADE Letter

ClassWallet Payment Instructions


JTED: Students that are signed up for JTED will need to order a "Credit Card" under ClassWallet. This way you are able to pay for both JTED and Tuition.

ESA Empowerment Quarter Schedule 

SY 2022-2023

The approximate financial aid amount is about $7,000 per student, subject to change by the Arizona Department of Education. 









ESA Handbook & Resources 

ESA Parent Handbook 

ESA: Programa de cuentas de becas para el empoderamiento

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